a patient-centric added-value service.

Thanks to the MyMed1 Mobile App, patients are able to scan a pill box - via the barcode or face of the box (innovative visual recognition system), see a menu of services - reminder, e-diary, interaction scanner and get more information on their related therapeutic area: patient leaflet, brochures, video's, related apps, and more.

What is MyMed1?

MyMed1 enables patients to find relevant medical information after prescription and stay adherent

MyMed1 enables pharmaceutical companies to share educational and regulatory materials and stay compliant

Centralised database

Support all or key medications in a single app

Flawless UX

Patients can scan barcodes, or visually recognise pill boxes

Awesome Technology

MyMed1 incorporates AI to recognise medicines

Why would MyMed1 work?

It is convenient, easy to use and contextual 24/7 service to your patients Available for Android and iPhone

Our offer

All or selected brands, one or several countries, open or customised licence - it is all according to your needs

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Example implementations

MyMed Pfizer

established products / Pfizer Belgium - customised license App


Project page (in French)


cross brands / Poland - open subscription App


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